Crimson Hill Support

Enabling and supporting people with learning disabilities

Conduct Expected from Crimson Hill Support and its Employees

Philosophy: Empower, Encourage, Enable, Enrich.

To provide support that helps people to live their lives to the full, in the way that they choose, with enjoyment, dignity and respect.

To enable people to make decisions, which are important to them such as: where they live, who they live with, who they have relationships with, what they do during the day, who supports them, and when and how they are supported.

To provide support so that they are able to take advantage of opportunities which enrich their lives.

To ensure the support is of a high standard.

To listen to and take notice of service users' views, and provide sensitive guidance and advice.

To empower and encourage people with a learning disability to take control of their lives, and be active, accepted, members of their community.