Crimson Hill Support

Enabling and supporting people with learning disabilities

Getting it Right

We will deliver high quality support to people with a learning disability , where, how and when they choose.

We will also be able to support service users who have a physical disability, frail or fragile health, complex needs, and behaviour that is challenging.

The support will be delivered by trained and competent staff.

Each service user will have a designated key worker, no matter how many hours of support they receive.

The support will be flexible to meet changing goals, needs, and wishes. It is important that it enables positive outcomes for the individual. People can “collect” hours to enable them to have longer support times if they wish and if the care manager agrees.

The people who will support the people using the service will listen, and take positive action on choices:

Each service user will have designated hours of support agreed with their care manager.

A person centred support plan will be developed with each person that describes how they want to be supported, and their goals, and includes risk assessments, health action plan, information on communication and behavioural guidelines.